Build Youth Character

RokStories Revitalizing the Rosedale Soccer Club
This is just one of numerous way's he has given back to the community. Mike believes that we should all help our fellow brethren, from his ability to each of their need. As Mike wanted to make a difference, he got involved with youth soccer to help the youth build character.

After moving from Brooklyn into District 31 over 17 years ago, Mr. Duncan devoted his days to re-establishing the Rosedale Soccer Club. Through his previous experience as a part of the soccer program in the Benson Hurst section of Brooklyn, Michael sought a similar opportunity in Rosedale but had not considered the scenarios that would face him; there had not been a viable soccer program in Rosedale’s history.

It was at that point that Michael pondered to himself, “Why do other communities facilitate such programs and not ours?” He then asked, “Why do we look outside for the resolution when the answer is right inside of our own communities?” If we want to solve problems, we should rely on ourselves for results. Many of the youth in Rosedale would travel to Long Island to participate in soccer clubs instead of participating in a soccer program in their own community. Rosedale was due for a breakthrough, one that finally occurred at the hand of Mr. Duncan. After 17 years, the Rosedale Soccer program is thriving on every front, a one-of –a- kind program that extends far beyond soccer. Cultivating and producing some of the best talent it remains the only program that is family oriented and honoring of family values.

The Rosedale Soccer club celebrates Family Fun Day on the 4th Saturday of June every year. Furthermore, the club has expanded to include Mother’s League, Father’s League, and last but not least, the Youth League which serves a farm system to the Travel program. As a way to recognize the hard work and commitment of the players and coaches, The Rosedale Soccer program celebrates with an Awards Ceremony Dinner on the second Saturday of every December. The Rosedale Soccer club is yet another example of his unbinding commitment to the youth.  Michael Duncan, in his role as president and founder, is personally responsible for the club’s outward growth and prosperity, something that seemed unimaginable before his arrival in Rosedale.

Candidatorial Requirements

The following are required to run and operate the 31st CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT:

  • Passion for The Community
  • Integrity and Accountability
  • Voice for Justice
  • Advocate for Working Families