As per NY Times Article October 1, 2006, “In Queens, the median income among Black households, nearing $52,000 a year, has surpassed that of whites in 2005, an analysis of new census data shows no other county in the country with a population over 65,000 can make that claim. The gains among Blacks in Queens, the city’s quintessential middle-class borough, were driven largely by the growth of two-parent families and the successes of immigrants from the West Indies. Many live in tidy homes in verdant enclaves like Cambria Heights, Rosedale and Laurelton, just west of the Cross Island Parkway and the border with Nassau County.” It is no surprise that the neighborhoods responsible for the spike in Black income are located in 31st Council District and Education District 29. However, this news is countered with the unmistakable fact that Educational District 29 is ironically one of the education districts that has fallen behind. This is sobering news and particularly alarming given that higher incomes, usually, directly correlate with better schools. Without question, this discrepancy puts our youth at a disadvantage in becoming successful and productive individuals.

Michael Duncan’s solution is that we take back our community; we take back our schools; we get involved in the PTA; we remain informed about our children’s schools’ and lastly, we must get to know our children's teachers. This is why for the past 17 years Michael has been a very active parent leader in the public school system, serving as PTA President at PS195, IS 231, and George Washington Carver High School for the Sciences and as Vice President of the President Council in Education District 29. He has organized community protests against the suspension centers at IS 231 and successfully at Springfield Gardens Education Complex. Under no circumstances, can we afford to lose a visionary like Mr. Duncan.

Candidatorial Requirements

The following are required to run and operate the 31st CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT:

  • Passion for The Community
  • Integrity and Accountability
  • Voice for Justice
  • Advocate for Working Families