Meet Michael

Such is a man as Michael R. Duncan, who tirelessly commits himself to creating jobs in the community, works with the schools to increase after-school programs, makes immigration information available to all, and runs the youth soccer program all year long.

Mike is a visionary. Mike started the Each One Support One Concept for economic self-reliance and prosperity. Mike is a strong supporter of public education: For the past 17 years Mike has been a very active parent volunteer as he has been PTA President at PS 195, IS 231 and George Washington Carver HS [GWCHS] and a strong advocate of after-school programs.

Mike is an activist: Mike spearheaded the removal of the "Hot Sheets" Motel across the street from the Springfield Gardens High School Complex.

After immigrating to the United States from the Caribbean Island nation of Jamaica, Michael Duncan settled in Brooklyn in 1978. By 1995 he had moved to Rosedale, Queens. Soon after, he revitalized the Rosedale Soccer Club and became President. This was one of Mike's way of giving back to the community. Mike believes that we should all help our fellow brethren, from each according to his ability to each according to his need. As Mike wanted to make a difference, he got involved to help the youth build character through soccer. Mike is certain that if we act as a team, then, we can better our communities, respect each other more, and improve our lot in life.

Mike is happily married to his wife Sophia, and they have four children. From 2007 to 2009, Mike was Chief of Staff to the 31st Councilmanic District - Arverne, Bayswater, Edgemere, Far Rockaway, Laurelton, Rosedale, and Springfield Gardens - where he managed the entire district by establishing the budget, funding community organizations, reinforcing academic excellence, strongly advocating anti-gun violence, and holding seminars on foreclosure prevention and solution. Mike has always been involved in community affairs, and regularly attends civic and community board meetings. In addition, Mike has served as vice president of the President's District Education Council. Mike organized community protests against suspension centers at IS 231 and GWCHS. Mike is also proud to have been on the forefront of the manifestations against the GEO Group. As per their website, the GEO Group is the world's leading provider of correctional detention with 108 facilities. They have a prison located at 182-22 150th Avenue in Springfield Gardens, NY 11413, literally right around the corner from a public park and residential homes. Mike got involved so that the GEO prison would not acquire any more space. In the end, the residents were able to limit the growth of the GEO prison. Subsequently, Mike established a Food Co-Op in Southeast Queens, to better effect a healthy diet, promote an ownership way of thinking, and facilitate the creation of jobs in the local economy. Currently, Mike is hands-on involved in the Hurricane Sandy relief effort especially in hard-hit areas such as Far Rockaway where the residents continue to lack heating, food, clothing and shelter.

Michael R. Duncan: The Voice of Action in Our Community!

Candidatorial Requirements

The following are required to run and operate the 31st CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT:

  • Passion for The Community
  • Integrity and Accountability
  • Voice for Justice
  • Advocate for Working Families